Personal Project 1.6

6/6 Complete

This is my sixth project personal project: 6/6

This was my reference: Image (working link)

Here’s the main page: AppleTea
Source Code

I want to improve on my ability to create semantic, organised CSS as well as efficient HTML.
Looking forward to your thoughts!

Previous Projects

I know this project took significantly longer, but that’s because im busy with other things like school and family.

I’ll be making 1 final multi-page site before I move on to my Javascript FFC course. Look out ;)`

Wow, I think all your pages are really impressive! They look professional and clean.

When I look at the projects I did for these same courses, I nearly feel embarassed. I wish I took more time and made some more durable websites… I will take you as an example and will work more diligently on my next projects!

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Thank you very much!

I can’t take all the credit because I did use an image as reference for the site. (and i realise now, the link doesnt actually work :sweat_smile:. I’ll update the link)
Either way, I’m thrilled that my site serves as some sort of inspiration to you. No need to feel embarrased at all! As begginers, all of our sites are bound to look sloppy and ugly in the beggining. I’ve been doing this for 6 months, so I have a little bit of experience (like, really little). All you need is practice and you’ll surely be able to create sites just like mine (or even better!).
Remember, practice makes perfect! :blue_heart: