Personal Project 1.1

I’ve decided to create a series of html and css sites to put my skills to the test before I fully embark on javascript

This was my reference: Image

This project took 3 Days;
Here’s the main page: Law Services
Source Code

I want to improve on my ability to create semantic, organised CSS as well as efficient HTML.
Looking forward to your thoughts!

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this is a great project; Your HTML and CSS files are well organized.

The site works and looks fine on the big screen and the laptop at my work place. Just the hero section in the mobile version needs a cleaner layout and you’ll need a mobile menu.

All in all good, professional looking work!

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Thanks for the feedback @DanielHuebschmann !
Much appreciated points!
I forgot to include the reference image in the original post.

Nothing else other then that image was provided and it was my job to recreate that as closely as possible.

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