Personal Site Loading Slowly? (Plus any other feedback welcome) So this is my personal site that I finally finished about a month ago.

I need some advice though:

For me it seems to be loading very slowly, it could well just be my internet but if anyone else could take a look it would be much appreciated.

Plus, any other feedback on the styling/ content would be great, thanks, guys!

It’s because whole page has 7 MB and 20 requests.
Also your background image has more than 5 MB.

Ahh I see, thanks,

Any way I can make the image files smaller?

Google “image optimizer” and “image compressor”. There is a lot of them and it’s hard to tell witch one best fit your needs.
If you are using any build tool (Gulp, Webpack…), there should be plugin for this.

If you can’t shrink image size too much, then you can load smaller blurry version at first and replace it with better quality image once document is fully loaded.

Check your page with Pagespeed for more helpful tips.

Thanks so much, appreciate your input and will look into what webpack plugins I can leverage. Any other comments on the style of the page, what you like/ don’t like would be hugely appreciated.

On wide screen, part of “Other project” is cut off, because it’s outside of div.wrapper with overflow:hidden.
Not sure if intentionally or not.

Anyway, it’s very nice. Good job :+1: