Play it again, Sam: Going over the challenges again!

Yesterday I completed and submitted my Tribute Page. I was satisfied, even quite pleased with the results. However, I realized my code was pretty lame… even though it worked. So, what to do?

Today I began going through the challenges a second time, one-by-one, from the beginning, taking lots of notes as I worked. I realize this will take me almost as long as it did to go through the first time because I am writing so much down. But I think the experience will be very valuable and may help me overcome some of my chronic syntax errors… like missing semicolons and unclosed brackets and <>. It should also save me from having to look up everything… I know we did that, but how….?

We shall see. If it works out, my portfolio page should go much more smoothly. Has anyone else done something similar? Any other hints for ways to instill the syntax in the brain?

Closing brackets, braces, and elements can actually be handled by your editor. A good editor should 1) automatically close for you, 2) give you syntax highlighting to make spotting errors much easier, and 3) autocomplete at least some of your code. Whenever I’m doing online challenges, I like to copy the code to my editor and then copy it back to the browser once done. This minimizes errors in your code and saves you time. Here are the most popular options:

Visual Studio Code

Sublime Text

Two days so far on the review. I have just come to the section on Bootstrap… will start that tomorrow. So far I have 21 pages of handwritten notes about the challenges. I have done a lot of playing with the code beyond that required for the challenges… asking myself “What if…” type questions and experimenting to find out what would happen. Of course, I am taking notes on all of this too. I think this will really help me in the future… both the notes and the insights I am gaining by experimenting with the code.

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