Please advise me on career opportunities

Hello everybody
I am a high school student who is interested in programming. I started to learn to code in python about 4 months ago and after mastering the quite basic concepts in the language, I ended up loving web development. I personally feel like I have some talent in it. My dream though, is to become a software engineer at google or microsoft and I know that it’s not so easy. But, I am prepared to work hard as well. What I want to ask you as more experienced people is, Is it possible to become a software engineer at Google or any other large company for a good web developer with proficiency in html, css, a front end framework and Javascript? Just to get your feedback, here is my improved version of the portfolio project :
Please feel free to give your opinion, I have been learning web development for only three months now.

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Iiii don’t think so, that you can judge how difficult is programming after 3 months :slight_smile: It’s not so long time, but hey, you’re young! Look for some paid curses at schools which give you more knowledge than these free sites without a teacher.
The most used languages in these companies are C# (Microsoft), C++, Java, Python or on the web-side JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js

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Thank you very much .

Are you asking if web developers get hired by Google and Microsoft? Of course they do. Both of those companies are huge and have products based on web technology.

It’s not likely to be your first job, but if you specifically want to work at one of those companies you could work towards it.