Please give me Survey Form feedback

Here is a link to my Survey Form:

Please give me some feedback.


By the way, is it just me, or does CSS always seem hacky?


I like the overall design! Few suggestions.

  • Make your input boxes bigger.
  • Make your title bigger.
  • make checkboxes and radioboxes align next to the questions.
  • Enable to select radio/check boxes by clicking on corresponding labels.
  • Change cursor to pointer for submit button.

Once you get more comfortable with css, you will feel it to be less hacky :slight_smile: cheers.

Wow! nice form!
to really make this better, you should use some bootstrap. if you don’t know what that is, you can find it in the front-end libraries on FCC.
4/5 stars!

Thanks for the reply.

I recently learned some Bootstrap4. I was really working on getting an understanding of basic vanilla CSS. I should start making variants of the form using grid, flex, bootstrap, SASS/SCSS to practice. That is a good idea.

Thanks for the assessment.

I will work on the suggestions, probably would make sense to

more user stories to play with.


Hi @aeiou,

Nice work!

I would add a property: cursor with the value: pointer when the cursor passes over the submit input to make it more accessible.



Great looking project!
Suggestions are:

  1. Shrink the sizes of the checkboxes and radio buttons. They look a bit strange when they are selected.
  2. Stack the textarea on top of the text in mobile view.

Keep up the good work!