Please give tips on improving the tribute project

I started with frontend projects. Please suggest what improvements should be made in my project


Your page is visually unattractive. Try to keep it simple brother. Don’t take this as an offence. I just expressed my View Point

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Hi varunu:
In general I liked it a lot. The few things that, personally, I would change are:

  1. Try to use bootstrap to make the size of the page adapt to the size of the browser window.
  2. Keep all the fonts of the unordered list text the same.

Other than that, it looks ok to me. I’m sorry I can’t give more feedback, but I’m doing my Tribute page myself, just a beginner too :slight_smile:

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@ExcViral @irenenaya I have done a few changes. Please see and let me know. Your previous views were really helpful and pushed me further to learn more. Thanks

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
Adding that tag to your head (it’s in the HTML settings on CodePen) will help your design work much better on mobile.

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Thanks for sharing your work :slight_smile:

A couple of things:

1: There’s something wrong with the h3. under the photo. See the screenshot.

Can you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it?

2: At the very bottom of the page, you have this link:

Having a ‘click here’ link is generally considered poor design . It looks clumsy, it doesn’t give me any clues as to where the link is going to take me, and it doesn’t help search engines figure out what’s important about a page. The general solution is to find a way to elegantly way put the link in the natural flow of the sentence. For example, you might want to read [Smashing Magazine’s advice] ( on links, or take a look at [Hersch Fishman’s] ( thoughts on the subject.

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Nice brother! This is a vastly improved page. Good selection of font, simple but attractive! as @stewartmurrie mentioned in the below comment, that’s the only issue i find in page now. You’ll get it right! Otherwise the new page is simply awesome! Great work!
here’s my tribute page’s link : Please review it!

Please view my tribute page and offer your advice/suggestion for improvement. See link below.

@excviral and @zubenna: since this forum doesn’t support threaded conversations, and to keep everything tidy, it’s probably better if you start a new thread asking for feedback rather than re-using this one. It’s also more likely to get seen as folks are more likely to respond to a thread that doesn’t have any comments than one that has a bunch already.