Please Help! Unable to Claim Certificate

For an unknown reason, I could not claim my responsive web design cerficate, after completing all the projects

You need to do all 5! You’ve only submitted 2. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi JohnnyBizzel. Thanks for responding. However, I have done and submitted all the 5 projects. could there be any reason it appears that i’ve only done two?

Is this you?

Yes, I am but I did the responsive web design projects on the beta version.
Kind, see the screenshot below:

Thank you

Really not sure on that one. I haven’t done any projects of the beta course.

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Claiming certificates on the Beta is broken. This is a known issue. Just keep working on the other sections. It’ll get there eventually.

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All right, JohnnyBizzel,
You have been really helpful. Thanks a lot for helping out!

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Never knew this. Thanks for informing me. :relaxed:

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No problem. If you think the Beta isn’t working, check the Github. There may be an issue open on it. For example, here’s what you get when you search for “certificate”.

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True that. I am not alone. Hopefully, it gets resolved. Warm regards from land of the midnight sun