Please review my portfolio?

Hi everyone, I have been really struggling with getting developer job. I’ve posted to reddit and honestly anywhere I can get some feedback. I don’t understand what I am doing incorrectly. I have applied to over 120 places, I’ve gotten a few calls back from recruiters who ask if I have a bachelors degree, I tell them I only have an associates degree in IT and it goes nowhere from there. I’ve been to a few meetups, I connect with people I meet from there on linkedIn and that’s about it. I tried to work with my career services department (who only offers resume prep assistance). Guys, I’m really getting discouraged and don’t know where to go from here. Any feedback is appreciated.


Thanks for your time!

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Your designs need to be professional looking and that will increase your chances of standing out to recruiters. That simple log in page and coin game will not really help get you a job and I would ax those. Keep the blog but improve the design and add more posts about JavaScript and html and css to showcase your knowledge on the subject. Your portfolio has a decent design, but your projects don’t. Build real-world websites. A restaurant, real-estate, e-commerce. Look for design inspiration. Recruiters literally don’t spend much time at all looking at sites, so make sure to stand out especially without a 4-year degree. Competition is stiff out here. Good luck, keep coding


Looks clean and standard, and it’s clear that you can work with HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript and Python. And, just to be perfectly transparent, my portfolio isn’t great, so take this with a few grains of salt. I’ve had a couple of job offers, and to be honest, neither were all that appealing. I took one of them in order to gain professional experience, though. Basically, it’s with a company that builds custom online shopping carts. I had one project on my GitHub that caught their attention, a shopping cart that I’d built from scratch. It’s not my ideal job, though, and I don’t want to spend more than a year customizing e-commerce sites, but it’s a foot in the door.

Anyway, just get one or two big solo projects finished. Ones that will make you say, “Hey, look! I made that!” Of course, throw the source code into a repository and put up a live demo somewhere (Heroku or Glitch, maybe). And, make sure visitors to your portfolio site can see snapshots/links to that/those projects almost immediately after landing. Yeah, they’ll want to know about you as a person, but only after they know something meaningful about you as coder.

Keep it going, push yourself more and more, and good luck! You’ve got what it takes.


Just make a fullstack real life project such as a ecommerce website to show recruiters your added value to their business.

Also you should add your twitterbot to your portfolio website, as it is a useful tool and technically interesting.