Pls help i have issues with the styling of a button element

I’ve been trying to style the button element with the specified CSS but still does not work.
The specified CSS states that " The data-pay-btn BUTTON should have a fixed position, 90% width, solid border of 1px and positioned 20px from the bottom of the viewport."

Attached below is the picture of my code and its outcome on the mobile phone screen.

Hi, your code specify that the button is placed 1px from the bottom and not 20px.
Except that it seems your button is correctly positionned, what is the problem ?

Hi! is there anyone who’s found out about the solution of problem mentioned above?

Hi @Lhex, I don’t understand your question. I think that @Meditsh’s answer does solve the OP problem.

Hi! @simonebogni I tried the solution but still doesn’t work, so I was just asking to if the @wanice resolved this bug.

how did you solve the problem on the “data-pay-btn” BUTTON element does not have the specfied CSS