Pls review my first try FreecodeCamp mission Portfolio

Hello code friends. First of all excuus for my bad English.
I need your comments / criticize of my Portfolio page.

I tried to type all of the code self for learn better. I have already some positioning problem with first image (evaluation of man) and in footer social links. All yours proposals welcome.
Already thanks everyone…

love the buttons for contacts !!!

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Design is interesting, but there are some major problems with responsiveness : (

yes, i know but no idea how i fix this? it’s working until a certain resolution.

Have you written it in codepen or have you tried it locally first? Because I see lots of mistakes in markup. But I’m on my phone now, so it’s hard to search for closing tags) I suggest you recheck your code in editor manually, and then I’ll come home and write a detailed response :slight_smile:

i did it all in codepen. mistakes in markup (normally mistakes of a beginner?)
i am grateful to u if you give me feedback.Thanks

Here’s the list:

  1. Check what < head > tag means.
  2. Read about semantic markup if you plan using it (especially about nesting).
  3. line 56, unnecessary < / div >
  4. check all the < br > tags. most of them are unnecessary. read about display properties of elements, such as inline / block / inline-block.
  5. check line 7 in css. no semicolon.
  6. don’t use id’s for styling, use classes and selectors, and check the game CSS Diner.
  7. do not use absolute positioning to position element. Check lesson 5, positioning content. this applies to your contact buttons. Also it is normal practice to make a list for such things, it’ll be easier to style.
  8. writing styles in html is a bad practice, if it’s you who did all these "style=“height:500px” " etc. this is the root of your problems with “works” container.

and finally, answering your questions [quote=“kokaco, post:6, topic:82080”]
(normally mistakes of a beginner?)

I don’t know man, I’m a beginner myself, and I’m still working on my portfolio project. But In my opinion and judging from my experience, it’s better and more educational to write all of the code manually, test it on local machine, run through validator and use codepen only as a free hosting.

Sorry for my English, not a native speaker. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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thanks. it’s much better now and responsiviteit works great to.
I have to make more hours for a better visual portfolio but every thinks works now and i have no errors from validator.