Portfolio advice/feedback/thoughts and everything else

Hello everyone, i am about to hit a year of programming so i thought to just give it a try as i “celebration time thing” and apply on few jobs i find interesting, see whats going to happen, if i’m going to to get any interviews or nah.

So, portfolio… https://quizzical-villani-250a95.netlify.com/
If someone have a bit of spare time i would be grateful if they could give it a look and maybe share thought or two.

I was mostly wondering…

  1. Is is empty? i mean it is… Better question is “What else i should/could put in there to make it seem more hm… complete?” cough home page… is just… nihilism taking over, i have no idea what i can get there…

  2. I ran dev tools audit, and i get pretty good results, but it still kinda loads slowly, especially portfolio page(images, i guess) but is there anything to do about it, and should i worry about it?

  3. I dont feel like those projects are “enough”, and i am about to make some larger MERN project soon, but could these “pass” hr and get me an interview for an junior front-end(maybe… maybe full-stack) dev position?

And just overall, does it look decent, decent like someone would consider calling me for an interview, and what is the MAIN thing you would change/add/remove?

ps. It is more of a test version, i still need to update links to some of projects, url, resume, so those are a bit off for now.

Thank you all for taking time and giving it a look and helping me out big times!
Even if you don’t have time for any of my questions, “your skills, part, icons are just bad, and you should feel bad!” is welcomed too, for reals. :slight_smile:

Certainly unique!

  1. The cursor seems awfully big…if I remember to I’ll try to look at it on my Windows machine too. Maybe others can say if it is or not as my screen is not set to the “normal” style when it comes to fonts and sizes.

  2. When I hover on the contact icons, strangely the page "shrinks and shows the vertical scroll bar- is it supposed to do that?

  3. The yellow paper scroll on the about page doesn’t go anywhere- I’m guessing eventually something will go there.. Answered in original post oops.

  4. On your landing page the blue CSS icon is REALLY hard to see against that background- I didn’t see it the first time I opened it.

    Heh- love the hover pointer! Reminds me of years past and older Windows…
    As for the projects-- it looks like a good start though I did a little poking around and testing them :); would be a whole other post what I found. I would first polish up the ones that are there now in between diving into new projects- don’t neglect them.

Thank you very much for taking time for this.

  1. Yeah, now i am realizing it kinda is, 2x-ish the size of normal cursor, i’m gonna tweak it up, or just leave default cursor.

  2. Hm no, i was going for “100vh all the time” thing.
    Great catch! It indeed behave like that on my phone, even tho scrollbar doesn’t even show up. But it works fine on pc(dev tools mobile sizes are also fine - no scrollbar) hm i’m gonna try to put some max-height and see if it going to fix it. That was great catch.

  3. Ah css, always the struggle with it… Gonna bright it up a bit.

Haha thank you, that was definitely my goal, to strike with nostalgia. :slight_smile:

Ah, the pressure… um yeah, some of those(tasker, portfolio are older versions, especially tasker app, deleting is broken, also it has old styling, have to deploy new one(from picture)).
I am going to do that, polish some of them up, at least this full-stack app, as my interest these days leaning more on the backend-ish side.

Btw, i know it depends on pc, but for you, is portfolio page kinda laggy?

Once again, thank you!

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Incredibly unique! I would honestly suggest that you be open for design jobs as well. On your “About” page one of the links, the scroll, was not working so take a look at that if you could. Other than that, I love your style and keep at it!

Oh thank you very much for ego-boosting :slight_smile:
Eh i got 0 photoshop/gimp or whatever else is kinda a must skill for designers, and i kinda prefer…code :shushing_face:
That scroll is for resume that i don’t have yet, gonna update it these days.

Thank you for feedback!

Ohhhh that makes perfect sense about the scroll and resume. And still, even if you don’t have any photoshop experience I think you should at at least have an input during design!