Portfolio challenge

Hey guys! I’ve just finished the portfolio page challenge and I’d like to have your feedback about it. It’s quite empty but I tried to arrange the boxes the way I would if I had something to put. Here it is: https://codepen.io/Aloche/pen/jVEZdq
Thank you!

You missed a user story.

User Story: I can click different buttons that will take me to the portfolio creator’s different social media pages.

You should change the colors of your links in the nav bar. They’re barely noticeable in their current form.

Consider using a <textarea> for the message field to make more text in it visible.

Give the Bootstrap docs a read on how to make responsive, collapsible nav bars.

There are also Bootstrap classes for form elements.

Also avoid using inline styles.

Okay, thank you so much I’ll check that. But I have a problem with the header. Actually when I change it’s opacity it changes the text and the image’s opacity too and I don’t know how to exclude them from the property.