Portfolio Contact

Hi, I’m Ellen and I’m a new programmer. I’ve almost finished my Portfolio page but do not yet know enough to feel secure putting any personal contact info on the page, so instead I am making the contact button link to this chat (I hope).

Hope to hear form you (whoever “you” are) soon!
Ellen (giesygirl4)

If you’re worried about security, set up a generic gmail address to use only for your portfolio and have the contact email go there. If you set it on this chat people will not go through the registration process to contact you, plus they won’t have faith in your ability

Thank you for your impute but as this was just for the learning project I only expect people already signed up with Free Code Camp to be using it and I will delete or rewrite the page before I use it for anything else. I agree that it would not show well if I was trying to get a job based on that.