Portfolio Feedback 2nd project

Feedback very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Simple but nice. No css framework, just own code +1. You should work a little more on responsiveness. Check your font-sizes, margins, paddings. I would add something like:

@media (max-width: 480px){
		padding: 0 2em;

because a padding: 0 7em; of 7em is to much on mobile.

I also like that you have prefixed all of your classes and ids.

Good job. :+1: and Happy coding

Love it, it’s nice and minimal and looks very elegant.

Maybe for some more constructive feedback, consider how your site looks on a mobile device. It’s amazing on a desktop but when I emulate an iPhoneX you can see that the 7em padding really crunches the text

Keep up the good work though :raised_hands:

Thanks for feedback!

Thanks for feedback =]

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback!

Looks good. Aside from mobile responsiveness only suggestions I would give are:
-Sticky nav jumps down when you are scrolling down, looking at your JS it seems like your tabContainerHeight might be set too low.
-Love the smooth transitioning nav, when you scroll to the bottom do you think it should still be setting contact as the active tab though?
-More of a suggestion than feedback but if you want to make the contact form work without adding your own backend logic you could use getsimpleform.com’s API

Thanks for feedback!