Portfolio Feedback and Help!

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on FCC, so far I’m loving the content and community! Technically I completed the portfolio challenge, but I would say as a portfolio page its is very much incomplete…
Please excuse my javascript as I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with that. Most of the javascript code I got from searching for solutions and stumbling on to some code. I’ll be sure to start the basic javascript tutorials in the near future.

I have a few points that have been bugging me, and as of yet I have not found solutions to them. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears. :slightly_smiling_face:

1.) My background image and profile picture don’t show up on mobile devices. So far I have tried re-sizing them but that hasn’t worked.
2.) When you hover over the navbar links the navbar height increases slightly. I was experimenting with adjusting the navbar link margins when you hover over them. In doing so I created this issue.
3.) I added some javascript code for smooth scrolling to locations on the page, but they tend to cover the header text of the section it scrolls to.

Obviously if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
Thanks for your time!

Here’s the pen:
KSB Portfolio

looks great! though your picture isn’t working, but you have great use of css in your portfolio!

Thank you! Yeah I have been having trouble getting my photos / images displaying properly…

Just curious, but what browser do you use?

I use safari :slight_smile: what source are you pulling the image from?

Ok thanks, I uploaded my photos to imgur and linked one as an img in the HTML code and the other as a CSS background.

Apparently the image issue has something to do with codepen… My github site seems to display fine. https://nefferksb.github.io/

I always had issues with imgur… it would do the same thing:/ I had to switch to flickr.

I’ll give flickr a try. Thanks for the tip and feedback!

np! just a heads up if you can’t get the image address on flickr you can always get it by opening the Developer Tools/inspect element.

This is really nice! I’m working on mine and checking out everyone elses! One thing, the default text in your contact text fields is very hard to read. Otherwise. wow!

Thanks shootersf! I’ll see what I can do to make the placeholder text of the form more legible. I really appreciate the feedback!