Portfolio - looking for suggestions

Hi everyone , finally finished my portfolio page https://jack-ffy-portfolio.herokuapp.com/ , any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Happy coding!

Its really good, you got some talent with design too.

Thanks! Dribbble is a good friend :stuck_out_tongue:

I generally hate lil animated things on pages…

That being said…oh my gosh I love the lil animated things on your page! :laughing: Really, it actually made me smile cause it was so unexpected but at the same time very tasteful, cute and clever. Very nice design overall too!

There are a couple things though… Im used to opening up links in new tabls, and none of your projects were loading for me… I just happened to accidentally directly click on one of the projects (in a frenzy of trying to find one that works lol) and then it worked…I realized you have to click directly on the links, if someone tries to open in new tab it it fails to load and it seems your links are broken.

Now that I have the page up, I instinctively hit the back button to return to your portfolio, it loaded, but the page no longer scrolled, I had to reload the page to be able to scroll down again. After a couple more times with that, I realized I must click the x to be able to return to your portoflio…while hitting back will get me there, it will lose the scroll feature. Just a heads up.

@cndragn been thinking how to add some fun on the site and came up with these little animations , glad you like them!
And thank you so much for the bug report :slight_smile:

I’ve just fixed the bugs and learnt something new!

Holy cow you fixed those fast! :smiley: Yup, everything looks and works great now!!