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I would appreciate you guys’ feedback on my porfolio page . (optimized for chrome, but it’s crossbrowser).

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Particularly looking feedback on color scheme, navigation choices (scroll/full page, 3d effects (layers) and general style as the text isn’t final and the back end isn’t implemented yet (email service and blog hosting). I ll have time to polish it after work this week end.

I also worked a lot on media queries/audits.

You can also view my Ecommerce site with payment in test environment in the projects’ section.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Its good but:

All the animations but the technologies one has to go. Its too much, and causes everything to be not fluent. Its like i’m watching a video.

The color scheme its weird

everything should try to be on one page, it seems like its too separated.

Amazing! This is the best website ever saw!

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I have updated the design of the Portfolio and the Ecommerce website. Cleaned it up.

Still looking for feedback, so bumping this thread!

(as per usual, heroku takes a little bit to load on free dynos so wait 10sec if the adress was sleeping)

Again its not fluent. The animations and full screen images is not very nice. Look up inspiration on portfolio web pages. Some of your slides would look very nice if you put them in the correct way. For instance, check out this massive codepen collection of ideas as a start -->


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Helpful tools–>

Man the goal is to provide an experience that’s like a movie. It s a scene/canvas based portfolio using a modified 3d library. I m not done with my actual one page portfolio that will be on linkedn and others. Coming soon. This portfolio will be used as a project to showcase anims/canvas style.

Its not meant to be fluent, it’s meant to be a canvas by canvas or full page to fullpage view website.

Now, i can probably remove the anims on 2 first slides because of aggregation yeah. Will try.

I agree. scrolling isn’t smooth because of all the animations. keep it to a minimum, that way it looks more professional as well.

The background took forever to load. When I scrolled to the next page it was black, slowly loading the wallpaper img. Experience on the mobile was not user friendly at all. I havent checked it out on desktop yet but mobile is choppy and arrow functions dont work

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This is very helpful thanks. I have done limited testing on devices because of huge workload IRL. However, i saw the website was loading a 12mb image as opposed to the 224kb version It should have. Corrected. (slide 2)


Sometimes simple is better,

it seems as if more work was put towards the animations then making it look good and simple. You just overlayed the Simon game onto a background image with no attempt to make it look good.

Sometimes, their is a reason no one else has done a idea before. People just want to scroll through your portfolio and see your project and description, not be stuck in animations.