Portfolio: open for suggestion and reviews

hello there!
i have created my final project on resposive web design,
please review it, and suggest me if you have better idea,
would love to hear from you;

Portfolio: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/yROvqM/
Portfolio website: http://manishbainsla.tk

and my rest creations are:
Tribute-page: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/oPpgRK/
Tribute-page-Website: http://apjkalam.tk
Survey-form: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/eLyVgP/
Product-landing-page-1: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/yxWRwb/
Product-landing-page-2: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/XPPEeV/
Technical-documentation: https://codepen.io/immanishbainsla/full/qMwdPQ/

Thanks for viewing;

This is interesting. I didn’t expect a hidden menu, but it works for this project.

On your Portfolio…
Your images are not working. I think it’s because you are pulling from your personal computer files, and CodePen cannot access your computer. You need a secure place to host the images.

You are not linking to the other Creation pages yet.

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Hi, your webpage looks quite nice but it has some problems with the width of some elements which makes the whole page not fit accordingly to the width of the screen. I’ve noticed that you overuse the width: 100vw, using it in parents as well as their children even when such parents have a padding set already. You need to be careful with that: let’s suppose you have a parent with a left padding of 20px and a child in it, and you add width: 100vw to both of them, then you open them in a viewport of 800px (width). Parent will fit properly but the child will start 20px from the left then it will add up another 800px (because of the width: 100vw) which will make it overflow by 20px horizontally in your viewport (which is happening to your website a lot).

I would recommend to use instead width: 100%, in children of elements where you had set width: 100vw already.

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yes, i was trying to link from my PC,
here is the complete Portfolio : http://manishbainsla.tk
you can check it here, working fine;
thanks for reviewing @KoniKodes ;:slightly_smiling_face:

i did it, very helpful suggestion,hope i won’t do the same mistake again;
Good Observation skilll:hugs:
i think i have used it by mistake;
thanks for finding the error and reviewing @2alin :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Your website portfolio looks great.
But your CodePen portfolio is still missing the images.

welcome @immanishbainsla :wink:

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Thank you for that answer!

It’s bcz I am not a Pro user of codepen😀

You don’t need to be a codepen pro user to show images there (in fact, you are doing it already with your page background image). Just use the URL where your personal website (anishbainsla.tk) is hosting the images. For example, instead of using <img src="images/3.png" ... > in your html, use instead <img src="http://manishbainsla.tk/images/3.png"...>

Thanks @2alin
but what if i dont have that website then either i should have to be a PRO user or link images from google?

M jealous!!!.. Nice… HEHEHEHE

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Thanks @HumbleAssassin :hugs:

I’m getting 429 errors. Had to re-reply.

@2alin is correct. You do not need to be pro CodePen to access the images.

You do need to place the images in a secure (httpS://) location. Notice all of your CodePen urls begin with the 'https". This means the site is secure. You may have CORS issues if you try to pull from your regular HTTP site.

I believe that you can create a Google Docs folder, call it “img” and upload your images to it. On each image you can choose to share. Then use the link it shows you on Google Docs in your img src tag.