Portfolio Outstanding Issues


After completing most of my front end projects (Simon to finish!), I’ve gone back and tweaked my portfolio. There are a few issues I haven’t been able to successfully read-search on the Interweb, so I’ll ask. Other folks on the forum have highlighted these issues, and the best I can tell, no one has solved them (without GitHub or building a back end). Here’s a link to my portfolio on CodePen: Portfolio.

And here are my outstanding to do list questions:

How to implement contacts before implementing a back end? (…without exposing my email address to the baddies.)

How to fix these responsiveness issues with iOS?
-navbar not following internal navigation links
-navbar position: fixed not working

Additionally, if you have thoughts on how I can improve my portfolio, please let me know!


See this service.


Send your form data to this service via a POST action method.


I’m not sure how to fix your responsiveness issues for iOS. I probably have the same problems.
I think it’s very good either way. :sparkles:

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