Portfolio Page Feedback (in progress)

Hello everyone-

Pretty brand new here, and eager to progress through challenges and projects to build up my experience. I’m excited to get started!

What we have here is what I have done on my portfolio page so far. It’s over half way but there are a few areas that have been giving me extra trouble. I have bordered on a lot of things to help me visualize things better through the development part as I’m pretty new. The funky color borders will be going away in the end - is this pretty common?

What I am having trouble with, starting at the top is getting the links in line with the title on the left side, I thought I’ve decreased my margins to 0 but something seems to be persisting.

Next, in my portfolio section I’m not sure why the images aren’t popping up in the cards.

Finally, at the bottom with the forms, I’d like to have those line up a bit bitter. Opposite those, my Facebook icon isn’t behaving like the others.

Other than that, I would really appreciate feedback on the structure of things. I’m not sure if I am trying to do things in an overly complicated way or have redundant code (I’ve found a little myself so far).

Thank you in advance :grin:

Pen Link

Remove Bootstrap and you will see it was adding extra spacing where you were not expecting. If you are going to use Bootstrap, then take advantage of it’s features. You are modifying the CSS of elements that have special Bootstrap classes already attached to them, but you are not understanding what properties those classes have. If you are going to use that much custom CSS, then I suggest not using Bootstrap and create your own CSS for your project. That way, you are in control from the beginning.

Ahh, I started out using bootstrap but then decided I wanted to understand how to build from scratch before using the tools to make things easier. I forgot to remove it from being pre-loaded after starting to use CSS Grid.