Portfolio page finished, would be grateful for some feedback :)

Hi guys,

Just finished my portfolio page and would appreciate some honest feedback. It’s built with HTML and CSS, since i’m not very keen on using Bootstrap and prefer to do my grids and positioning with css/flexbox, when necessary.

Here it is: http://codepen.io/mariamarica/full/jVNMBj/



Hello, Maria!

I like your job. Well done! Keep going!

Now some thing I want to talk about.
If we save the color theme.

  • filter property for elements.
    I think using property like filter for your website is not a good idea. You know the property doesn’t work in some browsers(for example it doesn’t work in <= IE 11)
    using http://caniuse.com/ might help your in your projects.
  • heading section.
    I think it looks better if you remove color of h1, h2, icons to white color(just removing filter property in this case). we do it in order to get contrast between background and text content. Ok?
  • images.
    Some images on your profile page doesn’t render. Test references for these images.
  • Feed back form
    You need style these inputs fields. Now, the form has too much space between left(email, name) and right(your message) columns. It will look better if you remove the space. Just try it! :wink:

This was few of my thoughts about the page.

Anyway, Well done! Keep going!
If you have any questions. just ask.

Let’s make the web better place!

Cool pageI Design is nice and simple :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see your profile photo… and the contact button wasn’t working.

Thank you, @mokada42991! some pics were not visible because my dropbox folder was not public…i fixed it now, it should be ok :wink: Happy coding!

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@belodpav Thank you for all the suggestions! I’ve made some changes:

  • eliminated the filter and fixed the image issues (my dropbox was not public, doh:sweat_smile:);
  • unfortunately, I can’t seem to work on the space between the columns in the contact section…tried to move the right one a little to the left, positioning its , but won’t budge…anyway, tried many methods and feel a little stuck. Maybe you could give any ideas? I’d really appreciate it!


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