Portfolio project- Anchor tags not working in codepen?

Hey fellow campers. I hope someone can help me with my portfolio project. My a tags (specifically the github button on pageOne and the ‘fCC Tribute Page’ link under the portfolio section) are not working, meaning they do not link to another page when clicked. Not sure what is causing this. I have searched on google quite a bit; have target="_blank" and everything. Thanks in advance for any help.



Oh man…I did test it out, and it seems there is some type of bug going on with CodePen in relation to the external links.

For now, you can do either:

  1. Go on as usual, and it will work if someone uses the “open in new tab/window” option.
  2. Use Github pages to host your real website.

Thanks for taking a look dr.!

Just wanted to verify I wasn’t typing something wrong.

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