Portfolio Project and 100vh not working

One of the criteria for the personal webpage is " User Story #10: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport."
I know I am supposed to do this by coding

However, it is not passing the test. No matter what I do or how I adjust the screen, it is always off by 6 from the expected result. ex: (expect 297, actually 303).
I have even opened it on a different computer and different browsers but I was having the same problem, except it was off by 10 (different sized Viewport).
I have tried min-height:100vh;
I have even tried max-height:100vh because it is always over by 6.
I tried to use calc() to adjust it but that just made it more off.

Any ideas of how I could fix this or what could be causing this problem?

there is something, probably the body, that has a default padding of 6px, you need to change that it seems

use chrome developer tools to inspect the page, if you can’t find what it is

Thank for trying to help. I had a border around my welcome section and it caused the vh to be wrong.