Portfolio, review and comment please


This is my FCC portfolio. Its not finished yet: https://codepen.io/boul35/pen/wmRKPd

The nav pills are supposed to be transparent and when hover pink. i did it with Atom editor before i pasted it on codepen.

Can i use my real email adress or it is not safe?.

updated, no more images and added a github link: https://codepen.io/boul35/full/wmRKPd/


how do yall do that? How do you make it a different background when you scroll down? Is the page split into 3 divs?

Im no expert but each page has one div and each div a different background image.
maybe i cannot explain it too well i just watched this video :
Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage Part 1: FreeCodeCamp.com Development Projects
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2klCZXwfvLs&t=563s .

But yes 3 divs.

Look into background-image, backgorund-size, background-attachment:fixed properties

The pictures are very pretty but not suitible for backgrounds or for a portfolio in my opinion.
It makes the text hard to read. Case in point you have made the “Contact me” text huge so people can see it.
Consider a plain background or fade out the images with opacity / transparency so they don’t dominate so much.

thanks a lot. I will do that.

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