I’ve just made a portfolio to showcase some of my work I plan to start applying to jobs in a few months but I’ve got no professional coding experience (nor have even met anyone else in real life who can code) so I’m not 100% exactly what kind of level you have to be to begin applying for junior web developer positions other than what I’ve read online.

If anyone could review my portfolio and let me know how to improve it and if I’m at the kind of level expected of a junior developer that would be great.

Here’s the link: https://www.harryh.tech/

Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile:


When I look at the portfolio page itself it does not feel like your work tbh.
It seems like you just put something together from other people’s work.
No hate, just my humble opinion.

Hmm ok, I didn’t actually get the idea off anyone, but I’ll try to personalize it somehow haha :slight_smile:

I meant when I look at the code it seems you have not used much of your own html, css and js code

I love it. Where can I get the background image

/* -----------------------------------------------
/* Author : Vincent Garreau - vincentgarreau.com
/* MIT license: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
/* Demo / Generator : vincentgarreau.com/particles.js
/* GitHub : github.com/VincentGarreau/particles.js
/* How to use? : Check the GitHub README
/* v2.0.0
/* ----------------------------------------------- */

It does not even work properly on his website

Ah ok, it’s actually all my own code, so I’m not too sure how I could change it :confused: plus I’m not sure if its worth me changing it just for the sake of making it look different. Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile: And how do you mean it doesn’t work properly?

Thanks :slight_smile: ye that background image is actually just a javascript library haha :slight_smile:

when you go here vincentgarreau.com/particles.js, you’ll see it suppose to interact with your mouse but it does not on your page… perhaps there is some HTML element above it.

Its because you can set it to either interact with the mouse or not in the configuration in the top right, I set mine to not be interactive. Its not that it doesn’t work its just how I’ve set it up :slight_smile: Do you think it would look better if it was interactive?

Your portfolio looks great! :slight_smile: the background looks good both interactive and not interactive. On your portfolio it looks a little bit more subtle so I would leave it as it is. But either would be fine!

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Love it. Very inspirational.