Portfolio - still doing it - feedback

Hey guys! Take a look at my portfolio, please. I still need to do some responsive design, add some links and review the portfolio section. I am not sure what to do there… Do you have any suggestions? I will start the javascript part now, probably, and add some small features, but I would like to know your thoughts about this and to know for sure what else I want do.

What do you think? Any suggestions related to the code are also very welcome! There are probably some points where I could have done it shorter and/or better…

Looking good to me. You’re off to a great start. I’m digging that Titillium font you chose. If you can use placeholder images for your portfolio section until you get more projects done. Nothing more I think I can suggest. Keep it up

Thanks for looking at it and thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

Oh… I noticed my home link (navigation bar) is not working well… I can’t figure out why. :confused: Anyone knows, please?

It works for me. What happens when you try it?

I’ve solved it since! :slight_smile: When I clicked “Home” in the navigation bar it wouldn’t come all the way up. I just put a “#” in the href now, to make it work. I don’t know if that’s ok, though.