Portfolio submitted - Would love feedback!


I’ve just submitted my portfolio and would love some feedback. My own thoughts so far, I’m not happy with the cards in portfolio and would like to redo them, it is responsive but has issues at very low widths, I’m proud about the mobile ‘burger’ menu.


Edit: Link

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a little bit messy may be.But overall looks dope bro :fire:
far better than mine.

I like it but…

The ‘about us’ section has too much going on. The card has the illusion of a 3rd box and looks a little weird.

Do a image like the other sections.

Well,its really cool! To sum it all up… but if i have to give critics… well, Dont use lots of images in a webpage… Give space to other elements and as others told me! Way more professional! Let the webpage breathe… atleast give it a blank space… Its up to you actually… but to be honest, detailed background overlapped with featured images is a bad idea for me! but anyways, great JOB…

Sorry for saying things like a pro… im actually a beginner as well… and because im a beginner, ill leave my portfolio as well and let you also give critics!


No bootstrap, i hate the way you need to be online in creating page with it… Its all full HTML CSS and flexbox!