My personal portfolio website project feedback

Hi. I hope your weekend is good.
Kindly check my portfolio website and give your feedback.
Thanks for being there always.

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Hello! I am a fellow developer.

Here is my feedback:

  • I would suggest you to use padding/margin/gap for the different sections to provide space to content. I remember it from a tutorial, like in your case when I use the navbar to auto-scroll to contacts I can see some part of the projects cards. So having breathing space for each content would make it easier to navigate.

  • Bootstrap grids are cool. But as you can see some cards are fitting content based on the size. And I can see some cards having more height than others. Well take this feedback from someone who likes things symmetric haha. I would notice it.

  • The contrast of the text and the opacity settings made it harder to read about you in the main-section and to see your picture!

This would be it for the feedback! Tell me how was it. : P

Also checkout my portfolio project for FCC. Its not that good but if you are curious to check it here:

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Thanks for you feedback. I appreciate.

Hy there,

I would agree with Twoteaspoon.
I see that the asymmetry in card size also back in some of your other projects. I think it is worth to see what the problem is (unless you want it that way :slight_smile: )

Some points that got my attention are:

  • The responsiveness of the top section (home). I think it works fine up to 900px, after that the “100vh” and/or the amount (size) of content in this section is not functioning too well.
    Just as a suggestion: consider putting less content in the top section, and make a separate section about yourself where you can be more descriptive about yourself. Stick with a few line catchy lines and a portrait on that first section.
    This is something I have seen in most (designer/programming) portfolios when I was looking for inspiration. I have barely started with mine though.

  • Some resizing on the contact images at the end of the page once the screen becomes smaller. It guess design is quiet personal. But I think it will look better. Also considering the size of the contact header and paragraph: pretty huge logos and tiny text on top of them.

  • Overall the page look very “crowded” to me. Again just my personal view. I think it will improve the aesthetics if you space things out of bit asTwoteaspoon mentioned. Also consider adding some max-widths to the cards, so they do not blow up so much at certain widths. Its alright to see the projects somewhat large I guess but the skill cards? Kind of the same thing as in the contact section.

I am still new here and relatively new with HTML/CSS so I can not say much on the code. But it looks very nice and readable to me. And that CSS is so short and clean.
I did also enjoy looking at your other projects.

Same goes for Twoteaspoon. Great looks and clean code. Something I have difficulty learning.

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Thank you very much.

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