Portfolio using Bootstrap. Feedback Welcomed

Hi Folks,
I have just finished the portfolio project.
CodePen - Portfolio

Pease give your valuable feedback and constructive criticism for my webpage.
I admit that CSS is not up to mark and there is lots of scope to improve the scrolling effect.
Guide me in the right direction.


The images won’t load.
The design is very nice. I really like the colors and fonts. Great work!

You can’t use images from imgur.

You also need to import Bootstrap.js in the JS settings for the nav menu button to work.

updated the links, please review it.
Hope images load this time.

Thanks for pointing these two things out.
Fixed both, please review.

Very nice. I like the round image and the design

Looks great! A couple of things in your footer:

  • “Usesr Guide”
  • None of the links seem to work properly, especially the social media ones.

Hi @60noypearl,
Thanks for your appreciation.

If there is any improvement that you can suggest, I would love to hear.

Hi @RCampbell6,

Thanks for pointing out the typing error.

I deliberately kept the links empty, including the social media links.
For the time being, i have added live links for instagram & codepen.

Do suggest me improvements on the UI part.

Hi I have made my portfolio too using bootstrap…but not by using codepen using other editor…
So now when i paste my contents i cant see the css… DO i need to include the package or something???

Please help thank u

@Ruchika30 Which Editor you are using?
Almost all online editors have separate pans for HTML, CSS & JS code.
Put your code in respective pans.

I found the way out @mritzi. Thanks
But I had images from my folder, to wch I found the soln that by using Github or so…
So i have put those links …but still the images are not being obtained…
Pls tell me what do I do ???

use free/paid image hosting site to upload your images.
You will get direct links, which you can use to display images on your page.