Possible to continue old site?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to revert back to the old site for a little while (I don’t mean FCC should rollback the update, just me personally)

My account seems bugged, and in it’s current state it’s just frustrating to work with, so I’m wondering if I can just load up the old version and work on the front end certificate and finish that up over the next few days, by which time the biggest fires have hopefully been put out.

Shortly after the update, I could see all the different certificates and links in my settings page. But that page is now completely broken, nothing saves, I can’t submit changes, fill in my name and city and stuff like that. The overview of the certificates and challenges is also completely missing, I can only see my basic info, and the signed academic honesty agreement, reset and delete account. That’s my entire settings page.

I figured I’d start working on some of the newly added info, but after I submit one and try to open the curriculum to go to the next one, the page goes blank, and I have to reload the page, go to the curriculum again etc. A major hassle when you’re doing multiple simple stuff in a row(like the newly added html parts).

TL;DR. Is there a way for me to reload the old site (it’s not in my settings page) and just work on my last few front end projects to finish up and then switch to the new curriculum?

I don’t think there’s a way to go back but you can finish the legacy front end project and claim that certificate. For any that are not in the new curriculum they are now in take home projects in coding interview prep. Then you claim the certificate in settings near the bottom.

Yeah, the problem is, that part in my settings page is completely missing 0.o it was there on the day the new site went live, but since then my settings page just broke, I can’t even fill in my name, add portfolio items,. The button in there just don’t do anything either, it’s like it won’t submit.

Problem is across multiple pc’s and browsers aswell.

my settings page only has the following elements now:

privacy settings (these are all set to public)

download all your data

email settings

internet presence

portfolio settings

academic honesty policy

danger zone (reset/delete account)

That’s it, the other parts are just missing. So I can’t submit the old projects either. (thanks for the tip on coding prep, atleast i can see the requirements there. Still need a way to submit it for the front end certificate though )

I just read a post by someone else who had a similar problem not seeing certification settings subsection in settings. Might be a bug? Report it on the github with as much detail as possible is what i would recommend