Practice Projects HTML

Hi, I started to learn my course Responsive Web Design

I finished HTML but I want to learn more before I start CSS

My advice would be to keep going. If you start worrying about “I don’t want to move on until I’ve master this”, then you run into the danger of stagnating.

There is too much to learn. Just keep moving. Don’t worry about perfection. You will continue learning HTML as you use it.

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You’re absolutely right. THANKS!!!

I do remember worrying about things like this. What I would recommend is keeping a notepad near your computer. If you run across a term that you don’t know, write it down. When you have some free time, look those things up and see if you can understand them a little better.

But remember that you goal is not to memorize all this stuff perfectly. Your goal is to learn the basics and know what is possible/available and get really good at looking up the details. Google is a developer’s best friend.

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