Practicing coding before the standalone projects?

I’m still in the Applied Accessibility set working my way through to the web design projects, but I have a more general question. For anyone who has completed all the Web Design Projects - how did you retain all of the lesson materials that came before to use in those projects? I mean there is 180+ lessons with no real “on your own” coding before you start those projects. I’m a little concerned by the time I get there, I will have forgotten most of them without having any other practice :flushed: …?

you can return to the lessons, you can play with the code till you think you understand the lesson, and whatever else is used there. You can find html/css documentation you can use as reference (example, MDN).
You certainly don’t have to memorise everything.

It is ok to forget . For example, there are more than 100 html tags but we are learning only few of them. Everyone who develops software are going to refer to a knowledgebase. The more you develop the more you are going to remember. No programmer knows everything. For example, the inventor of C++ language doesn’t know all of it. W3C is a good reference for html and css. Keep on coding !