Am I expected to retain all this information?

Hello, I’m currently on " Applied Accessibility" on learn.freecodecamp .org. And I was wondering if i’m expected to remember everything in “Applied Accessibility” and small sections or should I just be aware that the content in those sections exist and when I get to responsive web design projects go back to say “Applied Accessibility” and incorporate those into my finished projects, would that be ideal? I’m just learning this knowing i’m going to forget the snytax/keyword elements like the figure element and figcaption element

IMO I don’t think we’re expected to retain all the information; I prefer the second approach - when there’s a need for it, we should know where to look and how to apply.


You are not expected to remember everything, you are expected to know you can do certain things - while you are doing your projects search the documentation, find all the things you can do with the things you are using

That’s the way to go

No developer is expected to just know everything, they are expected to solve problems and be able to use certain languages (searching for thebsyntac of those things, often even)

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What is important is that you understand it. This will make it much faster and easier to figure out and/or looking up details that aren’t on the top of your head.

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I’ve been at this a while, and I find myself reading and rereading the various docs. Once you are comfortable with the concepts, the actual mechanicals are easily researched.

@ArielLeslie has it exactly right. I don’t think anyone expects that you’ll remember all the various tags, or all the CSS options for each and every tag. It’s a lot to remember. If you remember that you’ve done it, so you know you can, it helps. You’ll find that there are little memory cues that will pop up, and help to remind you.

I do recommend, strongly, starting to build your coding bookshelf. Keep the link to MDN handy, as well as (shudder) W3Schools. There are a ton of great documentation sites out there, from Javascript Ninja to (my personal favorite) DevDocs.

Keep these handy, it isn’t so much what you remember as what you research!

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