President JFK tribute page

Hey guys! I just finished my tribute page For JFK. Any type of feedback whether positive or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Your image is not responsible and it causes “Personal Info” text to overflow the image on small screens.

Something to start with:

Try to add this to your css:

img {
  width: 100%;

Also try to change classes on lines 8 and 11 from col-xs-6 to col-sm-6

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With bootstrap you can also add a special class to make images responsive:

Another small thing: Personal information is not lining out with the image.

You can also define colors in the backend when using SCSS. Easier than hex-codes.
Like this:

// Main colors
$blue: #a3d5d3;
$teal: #69d2e7;
$sand: #e0e4cc;

body {
background-color: $sand;

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Hi there
great work on the tribute page, i am new here day 4 today
Your image is not responsible when i render it in Chrome. Other than that i think its AOK

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Thanks guys! I made your suggested changes and it flows a lot better now. How does this look now?

Now its better. Good job.

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