Problem with Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object

I am having problem past one step of “Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object.” I follow the Hint exactly:

  • I have tried reloading the tutorial on many different occasion to ensure that my tutorial is at the right place
  • I have tried restarting the tutorial to ensure that the tutorial is properly loaded
  • I am in the right directory using “cd sql_reference/”
  • I have used the right git command “git rebase --interactive HEAD~2”
  • I have replaced the pick command with s for “feat: add sample.env”

It is hard to imagine that I am doing anything incorrectly, since I am towards the end of the tutorial and have done this same steps many times. Any thoughts?

the squash steps are the trickiest because just one mistake messes up everything.

What does your git log say now?

Also: Maybe you can try again by clicking the Reset button and this time take a screenshot when you type the initial command, then another screenshot in nano after you make your edits (and before you save).
(that way you can show us what you did step-by-step)

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