Problems passing tests for Pomodoro Clock

It appears as though my Pomodor Clock is functioning, but it doesn’t seem to pass the tests. I am just trying to get the code working before diving into the design of it.

Tests 11, 22-26 all say : Error: timeout of 5000ms exceeded. Ensure the done() callback is being called in this test.

Tests 19-21 all say : Error: Pomodoro has started but time displayed is not changing

For the life of me I can’t figure out why it doesn’t pass.

Here’s a link to my JSFiddle:

Thanks for the help!

I came here looking for the same answer. I’m failing all the same test (minus #Timer 9).

I’m failing #Timer 1, 12-15, and #Audio 1. These are all 5000ms timeout tests.

I suspect we are actually passing these tests because if you look at the example FCC project, all those same tests are passing, but displaying a high (multi-second) response time.

Here are the things I changed, now I pass all tests:

  • made sure the clock read 4 zeros at the end
  • removed the alarm sound callback delay (next timer should start immediately while the alarm sound plays)