Process or steps & when building a website

I’m trying to build a few websites for my own (personal blog, shop, business page).
I have experience in building a website using WordPress before, but now I’m trying to make it using one of the JavaScript frameworks because of the flexibility and easier to scale.

So my concerns are:

  1. What is the correct process when building a website from scratch?
  2. Because I’m doing it by myself, should I use BaaS like firebase? or a Serverless platform like Cloudflare workers? I know AWS is the most popular but when I’m doing the cost simulation it can be expensive even with a small size of DB storage (or maybe I’m doing it wrong).

I’m still learning a different kind of Services to make the backend work easier, so feel free to suggest and any tips or resources for me to learn more will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How do you build a house? What is its purpose? How big should it be? In short it is hard to say with further information.

Do you really need a database? Why?

I started with a simple “Hello World” site and tried to understand all the stuff around. Upload, DNS, Nginx and so on. Then I slowly build it up from there. Added functionality, searched Google and watched Youtube. Asked some forums etc.

Or you can start using FCC :slight_smile:

One thing I learned this month: design first, code second. Take a piece of paper (or use Figma if you know how) and draw how should the website look like. What goes where, does it look clean and intuitive, where’s whitespace, establish contrast, maybe write some notes about the way things should work - where are your headings, forms, pictures and how it all should scale up and down. This way when you’ll start coding, you’ll have nice clear idea of what you’ll be doing.


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