Product Landing Page Feedback, help with hover buttons

Hi, i just finished my product landing page and i would love feedback!, all criticism is well received, here’s the link.

It took longer than the last two since i wanted to use grid again because i’m stubborn, but flex did the job very easily, it felt like flex was made to do this challenge, the tech documentation one looks like it could use some grid though.

There’s a couple of things i couldn’t fix and i would love recommendations or ideas about how to approach this:

1- Buttons hover are a bit weird, i feel like the button grows when hovered and it makes the website moves a bit, but it’s functional.

2-This was the first time i used media queries, so the small website is weird, and there was a small point between the full page and the query width where my navbar dies, so i went with a weird media query width to hide this. (i picked max-width: 480px initially but had to adjust for this).

TBH, i’m not looking forward for the next challenge, it looks tedious, but i’m really excited for the personal portfolio one so i’ll just have to push through.

Note: If you wanna practice flexbox, try this awesome game, thanks to @Roma for recommending it, it really is an amazing learning tool and it helped me a lot to get through this project.

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