Product Landing Page (Pure CSS Vs Bootstrap version)

Hey everyone, recently I decided to switch my pure html/css version of this project for a bootstrap version of it. It was really fun learning how bootstrap does A LOT of the HEAVY lifting for you. Having gone through pure CSS headaches, this was a fun experience.

Here’s the link to the deployed version of it:

Here’s the code pen to it:

And finally a screenshot of it:

But if you’re curious, this is how it looked previously (without Bootstrap, pure CSS): (full page view) (editor view)


Looks great! Definitely love Bootstrap.

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Thanks, it was fun working on it :slight_smile:

This looks very good but here is the but! I would make a full screen video in the background or a full screen image ass the first main section of the body with some text over it. also commit this to git hub and as you progress on it keep committing to your git hub account.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll look into playing around with your suggestions. The stuff is already on GitHub, as you can see its deployed on GitHub pages :sunglasses:, here’s the repo: