Product Landing Page - Suggest a product

Can someone suggest an imaginary product to me? Preferably something that would have a logo. I’ve been trying to come up with something, but no result so far.

Hey there,

how about an alternative approach:

  1. take a product you use everyday
  2. have a look at its current homepage and try to make it better

This would remove the hassle of creating fictional data of the imaginary product and you could focus on creating the web page.

or sell snails, you can use a random snail image as logo

The reason why I didn’t go with an actual product is the possibility of copyright infringement. After all, this is going in a codepen, which is available publicly, and I’m not a lawyer.

Well, snail works. I guess we will now pay subscription fees for snails then. :sweat_smile:

So off I go. Thanks for the idea everyone.

it could be, a monthly box of snails for eating (escargot), or some kind of “distance adoption” or donation for some kind of species risking extinction etc