Product (Service) Landing Page - Looking for feedback!

This took longer than I thought it would initially but I finally got it done. Any feedback and advice is appreciated as always :slight_smile:

Not sure if this fits the “product” landing page. I couldn’t think of anything myself so I borrowed the idea from a friend who’s currently studying to become a teacher. Also, I believe I developed a whole new hatred for embedding responsive videos.

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Hi :wave:,

Passes the tests and looks good on monitor view, but maybe a little bit more work is needed on the smaller mobile screen views (try the developer tools on the browser and look at the view with iPhone5).

Happy coding and look forward to seeing your next project :+1:

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Hey, you’ve got a good point there, I didn’t have an iPhone 5 in my list and it completely slipped my mind :slight_smile: Thank you.
I’ve set the min-width a bit lower so it doesn’t go off screen. I wonder though, what would you suggest I do about the menu at the top? I feel like it takes up just wayyy too much space and I’d like to have made it a drop-down menu, but I believe that one required javascript… right?
Are there any other good ways to make a menu more compact by using just css and html? I’d like to not use javascript quite yet and learn as much css as I can before I move on with the course.

Congratulations on your project @Senatrius! I like the clean and professional layout.:ok_hand:

Regarding to your question about other options for the menu to take up less space, this implementation of a hamburger menu without JS may be useful.
I used it in my project (with some modifications) and I liked it.

It only has one limitation and that is that the menu is not hidden after clicking on the links. You have to close it with the X icon. :pensive:
I could not find a way to solve that detail with pure HTML / CSS, but perhaps it is possible … In this post I ask about that issue, so maybe someone can know a way to solve it without JS. :thinking:

Cheers and happy coding!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks :slight_smile: