PROGRAMMING for 5 years old child

Planning to enroll my 5-year-old child in a coding class. Can you check their program if it is really good for my child? Here’s the link:
Thank you

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Are you referring to the “Lego Education and | Computer Science Education”?

I don’t mean to not answer your question, but coding is an advanced topic for a 5 year old kid, and I would think that age is too early to learn coding. IMO for kids to properly learn how to code, they should know basic math as a prerequisite. It would make much more sense for an older kid to take coding classes, and somewhere around the age of 12-13 would be much more appropriate.

I honestly don’t see the point in enrolling very young kids in any kind of coding class.

It is a Jr Programming for kids, I think. Saw some topics that coding class for kids is good. I’ll take note of that. Thank you

The best thing to do at that age is block programming, which is what I am assuming would offer.

I would think a 5 year old would learn the very basics, but I wouldn’t count on advanced concepts of numbers or loops. The most advanced I would see is direction and color changes.

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Nowadays there is a huge push to get kids to learn how to code.

I am a kid of the 90’s and there was definitely no push for programming.
But times were different.

I think a more appropriate route for your child would be to explore coding games for kids.
MIT’s Scratch would be a good choice.
It’s a block based language where you can learn the basics by creating simple creations.

Tynker is also a good choice when your child is a little older.

Hope that helps!

it is really good even me i was just 9 when i started programming, my advice now is just to encourage and support your kid and you will see the end result.

A 5 year old child isn’t capable of learning programming… As mentioned about 12 is the earliest a child should be starting to learn, and that’s assuming they’re interested in computers.

There are more important things a child needs to learn at that age like reading, writing, socialising and play.

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