Project 4: Product Landing Page-I'm Pretty Happy With This :)

It has been around a month since I was last in the forums. In that time I got away from coding for about three weeks but I’ve been back this week and I wanted to share my progress on the 4th project of the Responsive Web Design certification.

I started out with this:

It passed 15/16 of the tests but I wasn’t very happy with it so before I passed the final test I decided I’d take a break from the project and start a course I’d gotten on udemy (Zero to Mastery for those that are curious). I hoped to get a fresh mind on how to go about the project and I also hoped to better my skills so I could create something at least slightly better.

Without saying much else, here it is:

Feedback is appreciated of course. But I’m really just happy with how much better I think it looks.

Your body text is too small (nav is ok). You only set a font-size in the nav the rest is 9-10px on my screen.

Looks great!

If I were you I would add some styling for the form input and submit button. Also you have 3 divs with and id ‘grid-item’. Ids should be unique so you should only have 1 id. It could be better to give each of these divs a class of grid item