Project Feedback- Personal Portfolio

Hi all, I finished the personal portfolio project.
Here’s the link:

Please give your valuable feedback and let me know the areas where I should improve!

Also this is not mobile-friendly as of now. How should I use media query(What should be the max-width? What should be the display?) to make it mobile-friendly?
Thanks in advance!

Good work! To answer your media query question. It depends, you have to tinker it on your own to find out what layouts look the best on different screen sizes. Try them out!

Few suggestions I have.

  • You have a horizontal scrollbar which means that you probably have an element that has fixed width that’s longer than the size of the screen.
  • Your first two introduction paragraphs are too far away from each other.
  • Remove whitespace on the left side of the navbar.
  • When mouse hovers on your projects, your text gets bent and loses quality.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the valuable feedback!!!

I strongly suggest you and other campers here that before you start building webpages always try create your layout with CSS flexbox .

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