My Personal Portfolio and my first Certification

I sent my portfolio to heroku.
Personal Portfolio

If you want to see the codepen, I also created a version there.

Feedback’s are welcome.


Up, up and away

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Great work!

The only thing that I noticed is that below 500px width the layout degrades. You can improve the media queries for screens less than 500px wide such as the screen of the iPhone 5.

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A suggestion, when someone clicks on any of your projects it should;

  • open in a new tab
  • open to full page instead of pen

Nice page. Here are some suggestions:

The text blur animation for scrolling is distracting and hard to look at.

Try adding some CSS transitions to add some animation to your clickable items.

For example, on my FCC: Example Flex-Box Template I show off how you can hover over a card to expand it using scale(). It also makes the box-shadow bigger in order to sell the effect. Visit the page and try it out in order to experience fully.

Black text on a dark background is hard to read. It will strain the user’s eyes.

Try adding a background image as a banner image at the top of the page. Here is my portfolio page as an example:

I also added background-attachment: fixed; to the image so it gives off a nice scrolling effect, try it out.

Also, for your technical documentation page, make sure you cite your sources.


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Wow! nice page! you can improve the contact section by lightening the background a bit, and making circles around the logos and thicken their borders.

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