Project Feedback - Survey Form alignment

Dear good people,

Would anyone help me out with my alignment issues? How should one go about aligning the layout of what I have? Should I have used grids?

Thank you guys… and gals.


Hello Robbie,

Mine was called “Guitar G.A.S. Survey”, so your survey form was love at first site. It looks really good!

1) the test script says your only meeting 3 or the 16 requirements.
2) To me is it seems like you need more vertical space, maybe add some padding inside your input boxes and text area.
3) Add some top and/or bottom margin label and input fields
4) It seem like you should widen survey box or the first 4 input fields on separate lines. They also do look right for mobile viewing.
5) Make the submit button bigger.
6) You should add some right and left margin for mobile users.
7) For some reason I really like the color and font. It just looks guitary!

I used this page at w3school to help style my form - Hope it helps



Hey DLJohnsonSr,

Thank you for all those feedback! Good points, I think I’ll add a media query, I’ve yet to do that in my projects. Perhaps for desktop view I can try to get my first 3 inputs on a single line and the 4th input on the next line. But for mobile view I’d like to scrunch up the text to look like this:
"How would you /dropdown list/
describe your level?

but I’m not sure how to do that…

“For some reason I really like the color and font. It just looks guitary!” - this made my day.

Edit: just checked out your G.A.S page. looks awesome! I hope you don’t mind me swiping your code for your submit button.

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Hey thanks for checking out my page. How long have you been playing guitar?

Been playing for around 12 years. What about yourself? What style and how long have you been playing?

My product landing page will be guitar related as well but I’ve run into some snags. I hope you’ll see it when I get done.

I’ve been play almost 14 year. It’s long enough to know I’m a better programmer…lol. I try play everything except metal, especially blues and jazz. Probably going to try some metal one day though.

I did my landing page(wampler psychosomatic drive) and technical doc (line 6 stomp snapshots) page on guitar. We can’t help it!