Project Feedback: Survey-Form

Hi, fellow campers I just finished creating my Survey form. I’m open to any feedback. :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :peace_symbol:

Code Pen:


Hey @AntonPalermo!

I think your form looks great! Just a couple of small things.

For me personally, the white text on a bright blue background is a little hard to read. Also you have a couple of small errors in your css. You can use codepen’s css analyzer to find and fix those errors.

Great job!

Happy coding!

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Noted, thank you @jwilkins.oboe.

Hello @AntonPalermo. What a wonderful work! This seems so much professional. Just two suggestions:

  • Do not use the @import CSS rule. It has a performance issue. If you want to import google fonts, you can paste the link tag Google Fonts give you in the "Stuff for <head>" box which is available by clicking on the settings icon in the HTML code box.
  • When I click on the Email Address label, it focuses me on the last name input field. When I click on the Gender input field, it focuses on the first name input field. This is because you have specified incorrect id for the label tags.

Anyway, very good job and I like the illustration! :+1:


Nice Work


Your form looks good @AntonPalermo. Something to revisit;

  • Change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the submit button
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I’m glad y’all like my work… Thank you all, for reviewing my code. I will fix all suggestions and feedback and keep all these things in mind on my next project.

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