Project Idea! Google Apps Script for Education

Hello campers! I am a 5th grade English teacher who has been working through the curriculum here at FreeCodeCamp since last August. When I was working through the Javascript algorithms I realized I needed extra practice and I started thinking of my own project ideas. Then I discovered Google Apps Script. I realized that with a little HTML, CSS, and Javascript I could create add-ons that would make my job as a teacher even easier in terms of creating resources, analyzing data, and organizing information that teachers use on a routine basis.

So the project I started was a way to connect teachers with people who could code and help them complete simple projects with Google Apps Scripts. Almost like a stackoverflow community, except the people will be teachers who need help and have zero coding knowledge.

I already have a prototype made and running at i want to note that this is in no way, me advertising my site! You don’t need to click the link to understand the project.) My question for the other campers is:

Would there be other people interested in this type of open source community?

This is a passion project. I am not looking to profit from this in any way, and I am genuinely looking for feedback from other campers.

Cheers and happy coding!

I’m an English teacher too. I’m a little busy for the next couple of days, but I’ll take a look soon. If you don’t hear anything from me in the next week, gimme a nudge because I’ve prob just forgotten!

Hey, Jackson

I am really just gauging interest in such a tool. A lot of teachers know about some of the add-ons available (such as Doctopus, Flubaroo, GFormIt, etc…) but not a lot of people are familiar with developing these tools or even how easy it is.

I’d be very interested in talking more with another English teacher who is also working on completing FCC!
Thanks again for the response,
Jordan Rhea

I’m out of the classroom at the moment, being a stay at home Dad, so I don’t have any need to use such tools myself. I wasn’t sure if you were developing tools yourself, or collating them for others.

If you want help actually coding anything, I’m happy to pitch in. I used to make Python programs to automate parts of my teaching job previously, so I’m used to identifying ways of alleviating teacher admin stresses and building solutions :slight_smile: