Project Management

I see a lot of technical questions here, but not much on the business side of the equation. I’m interested in learning how to find partners and contributors that flesh out a team (as opposed to competing for the same tasks), and the best way to determine compensation.

I am thinking of a single app single team type situation, and would be grateful to hear any advice in that regards. How do you get early contributors without hemorrhaging equity? What would be the equivalent cost of contractors?

Good question, and I’m kinda curious myself. Firstly, it probably depends on how big you are thinking. If you want to build something but want to maintain control yourself, then it’s really best to set some constraints around what you build and what you are confident in building alone. I recently listened to a great podcast interview on INDIE HACKERS about a solo developer who build html5UP and more recently, Carrd.

He talks about keeping things within your own scope, ability and expectations, which means coming up with some creative ways to build and scale without requiring outside help.

If you do want contributors then it really comes down to managing expectations and finding those who can do the tasks you really cannot do. Of course, paying for contractors can be a great way to offload work and their price can vary depending on the work - for example on upwork you could get someone for $10/hr easily to do simple data entry work - if it’s actualy programming, then you would probably expect to pay $25/hr +++

To get / find other founders you can always try places like Angel List, Upwork, here on the forum, and even linkedin … plus many other places, maybe even craigslist?? Maybe we can even start a thread / channel here on the forum for that very purpose?

I wouldn’t be averse to a founders group on here, maybe something could actually come of it.

Thanks for that interview link. Good stuff.

Yeah, that’d be a cool idea. @QuincyLarson Is it possible to make a group for founders / seeking co-founders / etc?

@sheideshu I would recommend you all consider joining a community specifically focused on building startups. I think this is important, but consider it beyond the current scope of the freeCodeCamp community.

I am a big fan of IndieHackers, as @JackEdwardLyons mentioned.

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